flynn meaney
flynn meaney


The Boy Recession

Praise for The Boy Recession

"...sassy and very funny...Rarely has a recession brought such enjoyment."
   —Publishers Weekly

"The dialogue is witty and crisp, capturing the rhythms of teen conversations."

"The Boy Recession was hilarious. It was the perfect book for a summer day when all you want is a fun read that make you laugh...The entire idea around The Boy Recession was awesome. It made a great story! I loved this book! It was cute, funny, and such a refreshing read! Great for the summer!"
   —Willa's Ramblings blog

The Boy Recession was adorable story."
   —This Blonde Reads blog


Praise for Bloodthirsty

"A funny, original twist on the vampire genre, with a hero who captures your heart—even if he's not quite sure he wants to drink your blood."
   —Beth Fantaskey, author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

"Bloodthirsty sparkles with wit and charm."
   —Daniel Waters, author of Generation Dead

"Bloodthirsty is witty, laugh-at-loud funny, and real. Readers can easily relate to Finbar's trials and tribulations, and his path to self-discovery. This is an original and enjoyable first novel for older teens."
   —Donna Rosenblum for School Library Journal

"I just loved this book and Finbar, too. Meaney's choice of a male lead was a refreshing change from the overwhelming number of females lead characters in the YA genre. This is a super fun read that keeps you enthralled in the everyday life of Finbar as he learns about vampires, friendship, girls, and himself. If you're bloodthirsty too, grab a copy of Meaney's book and enjoy every last drop."
   —Jennifer at Book Noise

"Meaney's debut is the right book at the right moment, poking fun at the glowering Robert Pattinsons of the world while delivering an occasionally hilarious reminder that, in the long run, being yourself is usually the least-deadly option."
   —Daniel Kraus for Booklist

"Flynn Meaney's Bloodthirsty both capitalizes on—and pokes fun at—today's vampire craze. Fin is a lovable character who braves those humiliating adolescent moments with humorous flair."
   —Carolyn Lessard, The Associated Press

"Finbar was just what I wanted. He's the sensitive guy who should, if the movies were right, get the girl, but never does. His "transformation" is too funny. His obsessive pursuit of vampiric knowledge to his attempts to attain the proper vampire attitude had me giggling constantly."
   —Beth at in BetweeN the pages